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6 thoughts on “Welcome to BrainyFeet

  1. Is that really Stephen King, the author? lol Well I stumbled upon this site, browsing the internet. I do have and idea for a family business that I think is absolutely awesome and oriented for everyone.

    • Hi Deanna! That’s great about your business idea. I’d love to hear more about it via email or by having you in the StartUp Yours class that’s just around the corner.

      Oh, and yes that’s my friend Stephen King and he is an author. But he’s not that Stephen King.

  2. Laura, love the site and the business model! Great to see what you’re doing with all those skills and knowledge you’ve got bundled up in your head. You’ll always stand out as one of my brightest students ever, even if you don’t use that high-techie computer stuff much any more. Good luck in your venture and life.

  3. Laura,

    You are absolutely the bomb! I’ve attended two of you presentations now through Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska and today at the SBDC’s Women in Business breakfast. Thank you for all the excellent ideas you offered this morning to help all of us be more….organized, creative, confident, make more and spend more time with our families. It was awesome! BTW, I’m downloading Evernote as I write this. I’m on to looking at some of the other things you shared with us this morning.

  4. I still love those pb&m sandwiches! Just wanted you to know i am downloading the ebook to my nookbook. Lottsa love and luck. See you in september!

    • Yes! Peanut butter & marshmallow creme on Wonder Bread. Sounds so yummy until I open the jar of peanut butter. It’s a cruel world, I tell ya! XOXO ~ I can’t WAIT for September!

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