Are you standing still because you’re stuck for ideas?

That can be so overwhelmingly frustrating! You know you want a more fulfilling, more independent, more self-made life. You know what that life will look like & feel like…but you have no idea what path will take you there.

Ideas are the fuel for a fulfilling, self-made life. Without great ideas, we can never hope to change the things we don’t love about our lives or our communities.

So when you’re lost for ideas, it’s downright debilitating.

When your ideas come so fast & furious you can’t sort them out, it’s overwhelming.

Ideas need a safe place to grow. And we all need a safe place to nurture them.

That’s what the BrainyFeet Ideation Series is all about.

The BrainyFeet Ideation Series is all about ideas and your capacity to come up with great ideas and your ability to sift through your ideas to find the ones that are going to support both your heart and your income goals.

We’ll do this with the Big Idea MachineIdeation Advising and the occasional idea-building teleclass peppered throughout.


The Big Idea Machine

Whether you have too many ideas or not enough, the Big Idea Machine is the fix for your idea slump.  There’s way too much coolness there to explain it all here.  If you’re stuck-point is ideas, you should totally sneak over to the Big Idea Machine page to see the video and join.


Ideation Teleclasses

Two idea classes for two idea challenges (coming soon)

There are two main challenges people have when it comes to ideas. It seems like people either have no ideas or they have way too many ideas.

Idea-Finding: How to release your inner innovator.

You need help turning on the faucet of ideas so you can find the perfect, most wonderful, most heart-connected business or project for you to start building.

In this class, we’ll talk about the things you love, the things you hate, the life you want to create and the world you want to live in.  Then I’ll teach you all kinds of ways to stretch your brain so it will connect with your heart.

We’ll get all filled with excitement and adrenaline and moxie and we’ll use that energy to tap into exactly the right idea for you. The thing that gets your heart pumping and your brain working on overdrive.

Idea-Wrangling: How to tame your brain so you can move forward.

If you’re stuck in idea mode, you need help sifting through it all, choosing the the perfect, most wonderful, most heart-connected businesses for you and turning off the idea faucet so you can get to work.

During this class, we’ll put every rainbow you want to chase into one big picture, look for the common threads and find the one idea (or combination of ideas) that will put you on the path to exactly the life you want.

It’s hard to leave other ideas on the table. They’re your babies. So, we’ll also talk about ways you can honor those passions without distracting you from the path you’ve decided to carve out for yourself.

[box type=”note” border=”full” icon=”none”]In addition to The Ideation Series, I also offer topic-specific, laser focused  idea advising & business advising.  If you know you’re ready to move forward but not sure where to start, please to schedule a short no-cost 30-minute exploratory chat with me.[/box]

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