Micro-Business Advising

I want you to succeed. More than anything.

By “succeed,” I mean I want you to have a life of no regrets. I want to help you create a sustainable income from the very thing that makes your heart skip a beat.  I want to help you live a life of your own design.

If you’re ready for personalized, zero-sugar-coating, hardcore business advising, keep reading.

Ideation, Business Design & Strategic Planning

Ideation. Whether you don’t have enough ideas, you have too many ideas or you have one idea that you aren’t sure about…this is where to go if you need a burst of creative mojo, help sifting through your brain to find your heart and help deciding which rainbows are worth chasing.

Designing & Building. Once you have your awesome, heart-skipping idea, you’ve got to build legs under it. So often, this is where entrepreneurs stop in their tracks. The excitement can be overwhelming.  The mysterious unknown steps ahead can be daunting. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never move forward. You can think of me as your sherpa on this journey. I’ve climbed this mountain more than a few times and have helped hundreds of others reach the summit too.

Some common topics discussed in advising sessions:

  • Freaking out about your total absence of ideas or your overabundance of ideas (both are equally debilitating)
  • Struggling to define a niche
  • Blending your so-not-blended-yet life
  • Nailing down your marketing message
  • Moving past the limiting beliefs and that dreaded overwhelm you can feel in your bones
  • Defining goals + a clear, manageable strategic plan for reaching them
  • Untangling you project management
  • Getting some general tough love and bubble bursting reality checks
  • Or figuring out what to do about the 5,001 things that had to be done yesterday!

Whatever your challenge…you’ll walk away from our time together with renewed confidence + clarity + calm + direction.

Scheduling an advising session is easy. Just click and choose a time that works for you. We’ll work out the payment after your appointment is confirmed.

If you have questions about whether the advising process is right for you, please email me at larah@brainyfeet.com and we’ll figure it out together.

In my experience, the only way to truly get the full benefit of a business adviser is to go all in…to jump in with both feet.  Which is why advising lasts 12 weeks.

This will give us time to get to know each other, build trust and see real, tangible change occur in your trajectory. We’ll start where you are, then go where you want to go. Together, we’ll single out your major challenges and roadblocks and then shoot them with lasers until they explode.

How it works: We’ll talk on the phone for an hour a week with a 3 on/1 off* schedule.  Each week, I’ll give you homework or challenges or assignments (whichever word you like best) and between calls we’ll keep in touch via email or Skype instant messaging or a private, just-you-and-me Facebook group.

A block of 12 sessions is $720.  That is paid in 3 payments of $240.

To give you & your budding business the attention you deserve, I never have more than 3 advising clients at a time.

I’m all booked up for 1:1 Advising right now!  Email to get on the waiting list.

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