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The Complimentary Starters

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The BrainyFeet Big Picture Book Manifesto is full of 42(or so) instantly-takeable action steps toward your insanely ideal, self-made, well-blended life + 10 wall-worthy, smile-finding art posters to serve as your personal mojo-making reminders.

The Big Picture book is your free gift for subscribing to the BrainyFeet Updates.

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Turn all of that angst and overwhelm into slump-busting, confident-stepping action. I’ll guide you step-by-step from your own insanely awesome & overwhelming big picture into a holy-wow-i-know-exactly-what-to-do-right-now place.

This is a free group call held on the first Tuesday of every month at 2pm Eastern.

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The Ideation Series


The BrainyFeet Ideation Series is all about ideas and your capacity to come up with great ideas and your ability to sift through your ideas to find the ones that are going to support both your heart and your income goals.

Ideas are the fuel for a fulfilling, self-made life. Without great ideas, we can never hope to change the things we don’t love about our lives or our communities.  Ideas need a safe place to be nurtured so they can grow.

This series is for you whether your struggling to come up with one amazing idea or paralyzed by too many ideas. [/jbox] [jbox border=”3″ radius=”9″ shadow=”3″ title=”Idea-Finding: Releasing your inner innovator”]

Photo by Ghazale GhazanfariYou need help turning on the faucet of ideas so you can find the perfect, most wonderful, most heart-connected business or project for you to start building.

In this class, we’ll talk about the things you love, the things you hate, the life you want to create and the world you want to live in.  Then I’ll teach you all kinds of ways to stretch your brain so it will connect with your heart.

We’ll get all filled with excitement and adrenaline and moxie and we’ll use that energy to tap into exactly the right idea for you. The thing that gets your heart pumping and your brain working on overdrive.

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Your brain needs a playground.   You may find that’s all your mind needs to function better…something to do, a puzzle to figure out or a new neural pathway to wander down.  There’s way too much coolness there to explain it all here.  If you’re stuck-point is your brain, you should totally sneak over to the Big Idea Machine page to see the video and join. $9 p/month Free in beta until April 20!

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The Self-Made Business Academy

[jbox] You want to know how to take this idea you have or this thing you love and turn it into a real-life, money-making business.

You want simple, step-by-step, lingo-free instruction from someone who understands what starting this business means to you. To your family. To your sense of independence. To your identity.

You want the Self-Made Business Academy.

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Three intensively amazing days to get crazy specific about the life you want and build the business that will allow you to live it.

The Self-Made Business Academy Three-Day Build is exactly the kind of confidence-boosting, clarity-creating, expert-making jump start your new business needs.

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[jbox border=”3″ radius=”9″ shadow=”3″ title=”SMBA Advising – Incubation”]

A business incubator helps  businesses survive & grow during the start-up period when they’re the most vulnerable.  That’s what the Self-Made Business Academy is all about. With the SMBA Incubation program, you’ll get it all…on whatever time table you choose.

You’ll get clarity, confidence and calm because I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Incubation includes the SMBA framework, 14 reusable business building worksheets, private instruction, 10 1-hr feedback calls, unlimited between-call support, plus nine months of quarterly follow-up love.  Incubation takes about 9 to 12 weeks of working together one-on-one, though we can go as fast or slow as you like.

5 payments of $259.  To get started…or to get help deciding if this is your right next step…just drop me an email.

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