The Self-Made Business Academy Partnership

Howdy, Partner!

How much would your fun-loving community love learning epic-making business skills together? How much would you love making money by providing something so totally epic and path-changing to these people you love and adore? I’m now offering the Self-Made Business Academy course as customized, private workshops.

How it works

We’ll collaborate to choose the best date & format for your group (The 3-day build or a weekly series? Live or virtual?).  Then I’ll get to work customizing the course materials for the unique needs of your fantastic friends, while you get busy spreading the word about the event, getting folks signed up and psyched about it.

Why partnership is full of win

  • Your amazing community gets a complete, business building platform (without you having to build it yourself).
  • You earn a nice little commission for every person that registers for your SMBA event.
  • I get to meet, teach, scheme and dream with your incredible community members.

What kinds of groups are great for partnership?

  • A local meetup group looking to offer a serious friendship-growing, biz-building event for a handful of members.
  • A business networking group wants to reach out to the community for new business owners.
  • An online community of moms who would love to support each other as they grow their own businesses.
  • A homeschooling co-op with kids (and parents!) who dream of starting a profitable business they love, love, love.
  • An informal, entrepreneurial and supportive group of friends or classmates or neighbors.
  • Your fun, cutting edge industry or trade association who wants to encourage sound business practices.
  • Any small, dedicated group of your amazing clients!

Are you ready to talk about details?

I’d love to talk about how we can make partnership work for you and your community. Click here to jump right in and schedule a time for us to talk. Or send an email to to get the conversation started in our inboxes.

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