I made this workbook for you if…

  • You’re compelled and ready to have a business of your own…to live a life of your own design. But you can’t think of a business idea that fits you.  This will provide that spark you need.
  • You have tons of ideas floating aimlessly in your head & no rudder to steer you toward the right one. This will be your rudder.
  • You’ve been in business for yourself for a while but you can feel the fire in your belly dying out. It’s time for a change. This will lead the way.

Your right idea is closer than you think

The struggle to catch a fleeting idea takes a toll. It challenges your mind, your emotions, your health and your relationships. It can even make you question your intelligence and worth.

If you complete the exercise in this workbook, I know it will spark thoughts and connections you haven’t considered yet.  It will give you the breathing room you need to find the thing you’re searching for.

Put an end to the nasty mind games now.


If you know someone who is struggling to find the right idea for their business, please send them this page and your love.

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